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Mayer-Johnson PCS

The Mayer-Johnson PCS Symbol Set is widely used in the field of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) as well as for literacy support.

Mayer-Johnson’s mission is to enhance learning and human expression for all through symbol-based products, training and services. For more than 25 years, Educators, Speech and Language Therapists, Parents and Carers have successfully applied Mayer-Johnson’s  Picture Communication Symbols® at home, school and in clinical settings. Today, approximately 11,000 PCS symbols are available in 44 languages and they are in use throughout the world.  The symbols are designed to represent words and short phrases to support children and adults with communication challenges. The symbols are clear and aesthetically pleasing to motivate learners as they use them. In many cases, there are alternative symbols available for certain words, allowing you to tailor the set to the specific needs of each individual user.

Boardmaker® v.6 is educational software, used by teachers, speech-language therapists and parents, for creating and individualizing adapted content for students with learning challenges. It helps teachers and parents create on-screen and printed symbol-based learning activities for students with special needs. Boardmaker®

Plus! v.6 has all of the print capabilities of Boardmaker®, plus the on-screen interactivity of voice, animation and video. With it, you can create practice quizzes, worksheets, schedules, books, writing activities, games, and other activities that talk, prompt, and support students as they learn.


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