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Widgit Software was a pioneer in the field of developing materials for people who have difficulty in understanding and using text. Widgit began as a small family company, becoming famous for ‘Writing with Symbols’, an award winning word and symbol processor that gave full support to writing.  ‘Writing with Symbols’ has now been replaced by ‘The Widgit Essentials Bundle’.

At the heart of the company is the Widgit Symbol Set, a bank of 12,000 symbols which can be used to represent over 40,000 words and phrases. Symbols are a way to understand, learn and communicate which overcomes the barrier that text represents to many people of all ages and abilities.

Widgit offer a wide range of leading-edge symbol software which enables users to create or download symbol supported materials for use in an ever-growing number of contexts. They also offer bespoke symbol services, developing symbol materials to help organisations become more inclusive. Sectors include special and mainstream education, medical and care services, public services and the leisure industry. Essentially, wherever text is used, symbols can be used alongside it, providing an environment that is inclusive for all.

The Widgit Essentials Bundle is the natural successor to the highly popular Writing with Symbols 2000. Compatible with modern platforms and input devices the bundle contains

InPrint 3 and SymWriter 2 and is the perfect combination to assist communication and learning.

For more information visit their website http://www.widgit.com/wws2000prog

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