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Exploring National Geographic Channel Voiceover Ads

Dive into the distinctive world of National Geographic Channel voiceover commercials with my immersive exploration and insights.



National Geographic Channe voiceover commercials

National Geographic Channel has unveiled its new global brand campaign called “Live curious.” But what lies behind these captivating voiceover ads that have caught the attention of audiences worldwide?

The campaign features stunning visuals of human activity, accompanied by compelling voiceovers that emphasize the importance of curiosity and exploration. Shot in 40 locations around the world, these ads showcase the diversity and wonder of the human experience, leaving us with a burning question: How do these voiceover ads effectively communicate the ideology of the National Geographic Channel?

Key Takeaways:

  • National Geographic Channel’s “Live curious” campaign includes a series of voiceover ads.
  • The ads feature stunning visuals and compelling voiceovers emphasizing curiosity and exploration.
  • Shot in 40 locations worldwide, the ads showcase the diversity and wonder of the human experience.
  • These voiceover ads are part of Nat Geo’s ongoing efforts to create globally distributed content.
  • Stay tuned to discover the essence of these captivating voiceover ads in the following sections.

The Concept Behind “Live Curious”

The concept behind Nat Geo’s brand campaign, “Live curious,” is to celebrate and promote the innate curiosity that drives the National Geographic brand. The campaign aims to inspire viewers to embrace their own curiosity and explore the world around them in a meaningful way.

By showcasing the beauty and diversity of the human experience, the “Live curious” ads encourage people to ask questions, seek knowledge, and engage with the world in a way that fosters growth and understanding. The campaign serves as a powerful reminder that curiosity is at the heart of ongoing exploration and discovery.

The voiceover ads are a crucial part of this campaign, serving as a conduit to connect with the audience and convey the message of curiosity. The thoughtful and compelling voiceovers captivate viewers, evoking emotions and prompting introspection. These ads aim to create a sense of connection between the audience and the National Geographic brand, inviting viewers to embark on their own adventures of discovery.


The Creative Process

The creative process behind the Nat Geo voiceover ads involved a collaborative effort between Mercurio Film, an Italian production company, and creative consultant Patrizio Marini. Together, they developed the two “anthem” spots that serve as the centerpiece of the campaign. These visually stunning ads capture the essence of Nat Geo’s “Live curious” message, inspiring viewers to embrace their curiosity and explore the world around them.

In addition to the anthem spots, New York-based studio Click 3X played an integral role in the creative development by creating program-themed extensions for the campaign. These extensions feature Nat Geo’s on-air talent, adding a unique and personal touch to the ads. The collaboration between Mercurio Film, Click 3X, and Nat Geo resulted in captivating ads that effectively convey the brand’s commitment to curiosity and exploration.

The creative process involved combining the expertise of Mercurio Film and Click 3X to bring the “Live curious” concept to life. The result is a captivating campaign that engages viewers and ignites their sense of exploration.

Mercurio Film and Click 3X Creative Development

The Role of Mercurio Film

Mercurio Film, known for its exceptional creative vision and production capabilities, played an instrumental role in the creative development of the Nat Geo voiceover ads. With their expertise in storytelling and visual aesthetics, they brought a unique perspective to the project. Their collaboration with Nat Geo resulted in visually stunning ads that resonate with audiences worldwide.

Click 3X: Enhancing the Campaign

Click 3X, a renowned New York-based studio, contributed to the campaign by creating program-themed extensions that feature Nat Geo’s on-air talent. These extensions add depth and authenticity to the ads, showcasing the channel’s expert personalities and enhancing the connection between the brand and its viewers.

Company Role
Mercurio Film Creative development and production
Click 3X Program-themed extensions featuring on-air talent

Global Rollout

The “Live curious” brand campaign has undergone a successful initial launch in the United States, India, and the Netherlands. The first two anthem spots were meticulously tailored to these specific markets, ensuring maximum impact and resonance. However, National Geographic Channel has even grander plans for the campaign by rolling it out globally. In the months to come, the captivating ads will grace the screens of channels in Italy and Germany, marking the next phase of the campaign’s expansion. The anticipated launch in these countries is scheduled for December, aiming to capture the attention of audiences during the festive season.

By March 2010, the “Live curious” campaign will reach every single one of the 166 countries serviced by National Geographic Channel. This global rollout symbolizes Nat Geo’s commitment to connecting with viewers worldwide and fostering a sense of curiosity and exploration. Embracing the diversity of cultures, languages, and landscapes, the campaign seeks to ignite a universal curiosity that transcends borders.

Through this expansive global presence, Nat Geo aims to inspire a global audience to engage with their content and embark on their own unique adventures. The power of curiosity knows no bounds, spreading its influence and sparking a sense of wonder across countries and continents. The “Live curious” campaign’s global rollout represents Nat Geo’s unwavering dedication to sharing the wonders of the world with viewers everywhere, promoting a sense of unity in curiosity and exploration.

Voiceover Talent

In the development of the “Live curious” campaign, the involvement of talented individuals was crucial. Rafael Sandor, the EVP of creative and marketing for Nat Geo Channel International, and Kiera Hynninen, the EVP of marketing for Nat Geo’s stateside unit, played powerful roles in overseeing the campaign’s creation. Their expertise and vision contributed to the successful execution of the project.

Moreover, Nat Geo’s on-air talent brought an extra layer of authenticity and connection to the voiceover ads. Cesar Millan, Sean Riley, and Chris Fischer, among others, lent their unique personalities and expertise to the campaign. Their involvement added depth to the commercials, resonating with the audience and strengthening the connection between viewers and the National Geographic brand.


The EVPs and the talented on-air personalities collaborated seamlessly, resulting in voiceover ads that effectively convey the ethos of the Nat Geo brand and captivate audiences around the globe.

Emphasizing the Human Experience

While the voiceover ads for Nat Geo showcase the fascination of the natural world, the true essence of the campaign lies in emphasizing the human experience. The ads serve as a visual celebration of the curiosity that drives us, highlighting that curiosity is what defines us as humans. It is a universal trait that transcends political borders and connects us all in our innate desire to explore and discover.

The captivating visuals and thought-provoking voiceovers in the ads reinforce this philosophy, inspiring viewers to embrace their intrinsic curiosity and view the world with an open mind. Through the lens of the human experience, Nat Geo encourages individuals to question, seek knowledge, and engage with the world in a meaningful way. By doing so, we can gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and the interconnectedness of our global community.

The Power of Curiosity

“Curiosity is the very essence of human existence. Our curiosity has led us to explore the far corners of the Earth, to reach for the stars, and to unravel the mysteries of the universe.”
–Jane Goodall

Curiosity is what propels us forward as a species. It is the driving force behind scientific discoveries, cultural exchanges, and personal growth. By emphasizing the human experience in the voiceover ads, Nat Geo taps into this fundamental aspect of our nature, motivating us to embrace our curiosity and embark on our own unique journeys of exploration.

Through the power of storytelling, the ads showcase the diversity of human experiences and foster a sense of empathy and understanding. They remind us that curiosity knows no boundaries and provides a common thread that unites us all. In a world where political divisions may seem insurmountable, the campaign serves as a reminder of our shared humanity and the potential for connection and collaboration.


The Journey of Curiosity

As the voiceover ads take viewers on a visual journey across different landscapes, cultures, and moments in time, they invite us to broaden our horizons and expand our perspectives. They encourage us to look beyond the familiar and immerse ourselves in new experiences, embracing the unknown with curiosity and wonder.

By highlighting the human experience and the universal curiosity that resides within each of us, Nat Geo aims to create a profound connection between the audience and the channel. The campaign’s message resonates deeply with viewers, inspiring them to live with a sense of curiosity and engage with the world in a way that transcends political borders.

Human experience

As the captivating visuals and powerful voiceovers continue to captivate audiences, Nat Geo’s “Live curious” campaign serves as a powerful reminder of the beauty and complexity of the human experience. It encourages us to embark on our own journeys of curiosity, embracing the world with open minds and open hearts. Through the lens of curiosity, we can transcend political borders and cultivate a global community bound together by our shared quest for knowledge and understanding.

Expanding the Nat Geo Look

The “Live curious” campaign is an integral part of National Geographic’s ongoing efforts to create a consistent on-air look across all its global properties. This commitment to visual cohesion not only considers aesthetic considerations but also aims to create content that can be distributed and resonate with audiences in each market. By maintaining a consistent look and feel, National Geographic can enhance brand recognition and deliver a seamless viewing experience for its global audience.

With the “Live curious” campaign, National Geographic continues to captivate viewers with visually stunning and captivating content. The campaign represents a continuation of the channel’s commitment to delivering content that showcases the wonders of the world in a visually appealing and engaging manner.


By maintaining a consistent on-air look, National Geographic ensures that viewers can instantly recognize and connect with the channel’s brand, regardless of where they are in the world. This consistency reinforces the identity and values associated with National Geographic and fosters a sense of familiarity and trust among its global audience.

Furthermore, the aesthetic considerations in creating a consistent on-air look go beyond visual appeal. National Geographic understands that the content it creates needs to resonate with audiences in different markets and cultures. The channel takes into account the cultural nuances and preferences of each region it serves, ensuring that the content remains relevant and relatable.

Through its commitment to a consistent on-air look and global properties, National Geographic strives to provide a visually captivating and culturally relevant viewing experience for its audience. The “Live curious” campaign exemplifies this commitment and showcases the channel’s continued dedication to delivering high-quality content that transcends borders and appeals to a diverse global audience.

Consistent on-air look

Impact of the Campaign

The “Live curious” campaign by National Geographic has the potential to make a significant impact on audience engagement, brand recognition, and global reach. Through visually stunning and thought-provoking voiceover ads, Nat Geo aims to captivate viewers’ attention and inspire them to engage with the channel’s content.

By provoking curiosity and exploration, the campaign encourages viewers to embrace their innate sense of wonder and inquire more about the world around them. The captivating visuals and compelling voiceovers create an immersive experience that resonates with audiences, fostering a strong connection with the Nat Geo brand.


As a global brand, Nat Geo recognizes the importance of reaching audiences worldwide. With the global rollout of the “Live curious” campaign, Nat Geo aims to extend its reach and connect with a wider audience, transcending geographic boundaries. This expansion allows Nat Geo to share its content and message of curiosity and exploration with viewers across the globe.


Through the power of engaging voiceover ads and the expansion of its global reach, Nat Geo can increase brand recognition and establish itself as a leader in the exploration and curiosity space. The campaign’s impact not only resonates with current viewers but also attracts new audiences, further strengthening Nat Geo’s position as a trusted and influential brand in the industry.

National Geographic’s Ongoing Endeavors

In addition to the “Live curious” campaign, National Geographic continues to embark on various other endeavors to engage and captivate audiences worldwide. One of the most ambitious undertakings by the National Geographic Society is the production of a new seven-hour miniseries titled “Great Migrations.” Set to debut in fall 2010, this miniseries represents a global programming event that showcases the wonders of wildlife and migration on an unprecedented scale.

“Great Migrations” is a groundbreaking project that explores the extraordinary journeys of millions of animals as they navigate across continents. This ambitious undertaking aims to captivate viewers with breathtaking visuals and compelling storytelling, offering a unique perspective into the world of animal migrations.

The production of “Great Migrations” involved a global team of renowned filmmakers, scientists, and researchers who dedicated years to document these incredible journeys. The miniseries captures the challenges and triumphs of various species as they navigate obstacles, climate changes, and natural wonders during their migratory routes.


The seven-hour duration of “Great Migrations” allows for an in-depth exploration of different habitats, migration patterns, and behaviors of diverse animal species across the globe. Each episode offers a captivating narrative that educates, entertains, and inspires viewers with the wonders of the animal kingdom.

This global programming event provides an exceptional opportunity for marketers to reach a vast audience through Nat Geo’s extensive network. The immense popularity of National Geographic enables advertisers to connect with viewers who appreciate the channel’s commitment to showcasing the beauty and complexity of the natural world.

The “Great Migrations” miniseries reflects National Geographic’s ongoing dedication to producing captivating content that fosters curiosity, education, and conservation. By highlighting the marvels of animal migrations, Nat Geo continues to inspire audiences to appreciate and protect the diversity of life on Earth.

Great Migrations

The image above provides a glimpse into the mesmerizing visuals featured in the “Great Migrations” miniseries. Through stunning imagery and compelling storytelling, the miniseries immerses viewers in the awe-inspiring world of animal migrations.

Voiceover Opportunities

Voiceover work offers a wide range of opportunities for talented voice actors to showcase their skills and engage with audiences. Whether it’s lending their voices to commercials, video games, documentaries, or explainer and corporate videos, voice actors play a vital role in bringing stories and characters to life.


Voiceover Commercials: Voice actors are in high demand for commercials, including those for National Geographic Channel. These ads require powerful and compelling voices to effectively convey the channel’s message of curiosity and exploration. By infusing the commercials with their unique vocal talents, voice actors can captivate audiences and create a lasting impact.

Video Game Voiceover: In the world of video games, voice actors bring characters to life through their voices. They provide the necessary emotions, personality, and depth that make the gaming experience immersive and captivating for players. Whether it’s voicing a heroic protagonist, a menacing villain, or a quirky sidekick, video game voiceover work offers exciting opportunities for voice actors to showcase their versatility.

Documentary Narration: Voice actors also have the chance to lend their voices to documentaries, providing narrations that guide viewers through captivating storytelling. Their voices bring depth and emotion to the documentaries, engaging audiences and enhancing the overall viewing experience. Through their narration, voice actors have the power to educate, entertain, and inspire viewers.

Explainer and Corporate Voiceover: Explainer videos and corporate presentations require a confident and professional voice to effectively deliver information and engage audiences. Voice actors can use their skills to bring clarity, enthusiasm, and personality to these types of projects, ensuring that the intended message resonates with viewers. Whether it’s explaining complex concepts, promoting a product, or delivering corporate messaging, voice actors play a crucial role in creating impactful content.

Overall, voiceover work provides diverse opportunities for voice actors to make their mark in different contexts, from commercials and video games to documentaries and corporate projects. Through their voices, they have the ability to captivate audiences, evoke emotions, and enhance the overall impact of the content they contribute to. It’s a dynamic and fulfilling field that allows voice actors to showcase their talent and make a lasting impression on audiences.



The Nat Geo voiceover ads perfectly embody the essence of curiosity and exploration that defines the National Geographic brand. These visually stunning visuals, combined with captivating voiceovers, inspire viewers to embrace their own curiosity and actively engage with the world around them. By rolling out the “Live curious” campaign globally, Nat Geo aims to foster a sense of curiosity and exploration among audiences worldwide, forging a deeper connection between the channel and its viewers.

In addition to the brand campaign, Nat Geo continues to captivate and inspire audiences through ongoing endeavors like the “Great Migrations” miniseries. This ambitious project showcases the wonders of wildlife and migration on a global scale, attracting a wide audience and offering marketers the opportunity to reach a vast viewership. Through such compelling content, Nat Geo solidifies its position as a leader in providing engaging and thought-provoking programming.

Furthermore, voiceover opportunities in various contexts offer talented voice actors the chance to showcase their skills and connect with audiences on a deeper level. Whether in commercials, video games, documentaries, or corporate narrations, voice actors bring life and authenticity to the content, enhancing the overall viewer experience. This collaboration between talented voice actors and Nat Geo’s exceptional visuals and storytelling further strengthens the channel’s connection with its audience.


What is the concept behind Nat Geo’s “Live curious” campaign?

The concept behind the campaign is to highlight the natural curiosity that drives the National Geographic brand. The ads aim to inspire viewers to embrace their own curiosity and explore the world around them.

How was the creative process for the Nat Geo voiceover ads?

The creative process involved collaboration between Italian production company Mercurio Film and creative consultant Patrizio Marini. They developed the two “anthem” spots that serve as the centerpiece of the campaign.Advertisement

Which countries will the “Live curious” campaign be rolled out in?

The campaign initially launched in the United States, India, and the Netherlands. However, Nat Geo plans to roll out the campaign globally, with channels in Italy and Germany scheduled to start running the ads in December.

Who are the key players involved in overseeing the development of the campaign?

Rafael Sandor, the EVP of creative and marketing for Nat Geo Channel International, and Kiera Hynninen, the EVP of marketing for Nat Geo’s stateside unit, played a crucial role in overseeing the development of the campaign.

What is the emphasis of the “Live curious” campaign?

While showcasing the fascination of the natural world, the campaign places emphasis on the human experience and highlights that curiosity is what makes us human and transcends political borders.

How does the campaign impact Nat Geo’s global properties?

The campaign is part of Nat Geo’s ongoing efforts to create a consistent on-air look across all its global properties and deliver visually stunning and captivating content to resonate with audiences in each market.

What impact does the “Live curious” campaign have on engagement and brand recognition?

The campaign has the potential to have a significant impact on Nat Geo’s engagement with its audience, brand recognition, and global reach by captivating viewers and inspiring them to engage with the channel’s content.Advertisement

What other endeavors has National Geographic undertaken to engage audiences?

National Geographic has embarked on various other endeavors, including the production of the seven-hour miniseries “Great Migrations,” set to debut in fall 2010, which represents the most ambitious undertaking in the National Geographic Society’s history.

What voiceover opportunities exist in the industry?

Voiceover work presents opportunities in various contexts, including voiceover commercials, video game voiceover, documentary narration, and explainer and corporate voiceover, providing avenues for talented voice actors to engage with audiences in different ways.
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